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The Thief is a base class that wields the dagger to deal close ranged attacks.

  • High Atk Speed -> High Atk, Elemental Burst
  • Low HP, Low Def

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Transferable
1 Sneak Attack 120 4 Damage 1 enemy. Y
3 Thief Trick - 8 N
5 Gale Array - 9 N
7 Seal Blitz 20 Seals 1 enemy skill Y
10 Vital Blow 100x3 16 Damage 1 enemy Y
15 Phantom 0 Make surrounding enemy sleep Y
- Air Stinger 200+?x? - Damage 1 enemy and cause poison. N

Stat BoostsEdit

Skill Level Effect
4 +10 Max HP
8 +20 Max HP
30 +10 Atk

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